Clothing repair and alteration specialist Leicester

Dry Cleaning Services in Leicester

Since the early 90’s we realised that a common service that is requested with alterations is Dry Cleaning. For this reason we partnered up with one of Leicester best Dry Cleaning companies offering us trade rates giving you the customer the best service at competitive prices.

Every item is bespoke and therefore whilst we have a guide price below it’s important that you appreciate these may vary based on the item.

We do our very best to ensure your items comes back looking brand new but be aware some stains on certain fabrics simply cannot be removed.

Service Prices From
Suits £13.00
3pc. Suit £16.00
Jacket £9.00
Trousers £7.00
Overcoat/Raincoat £13.00
B. Jacket/Anorak £11.00
Skirt £7.00
Dress £11.00
Evening Dress £11.00
Cardigan/Jumper £6.00
Silk skirt/Blouse £6.00
Tie £6.00
Shirt £6.00
Shawl £6.00
Curtains Lined per sq/m £5.50
Sarees £13.00

Service Prices From
Blouse £7.00
Punjabi 2pc £15.00
Punjabi 3pc £16.00
Gown £16.00
Gown 3pc £21.00
Kameeze £14.00
Wedding gown 3pc £36.00
Feather coats/ Jackets £31.00
Single £19.00
Double £23.00
King £25.00
Queen £27.00
Feather Duvets
Single £21.00
Double £25.00
King £27.00
Queen £29.00